CARLOTAOMS was born from the fusion of Elisabet Carlota and Elisenda Oms; both with a high entrepreneur character, fresh ideas and with that necessity to respond to their creativity concerns.


The brand developed and applied six principles, always keeping in mind its values and its identity, which can be extrapolated to everybody’s life:


1. No ESC. 
Believing and betting on a “Km.0” product; encouraging a local economy network.

2. To eliminate stereotypes
To dissociate gender from design; adapting this new concept - “agender”. It’s by the pattern how we shape and adjust clothes to each body. To complete our personality and create our own identity by the way of clothing.

3. To explore
Always going beyond from initial ideas.  Creativity is essential not only to promote the concept but also to implement it. Expressing our artistic concerns is the way to find our own itinerary.

4. To relish
Take this project as a chance to learn, nurture and discover.
Enjoy every moment of the creation process. The path to complete a project is just as important as the final result.

5. To complement
Be aware of your weaknesses and limitations. Create synergies with people from different sectors so you can realise how they work; learn from them. Unity helps us to develop ideas with more fluidity, more precision and more delicacy.

6. To observe
Open your eyes to the world. Do not go far from reality, live daily knowing what’s happening around you. In every message, every picture, every corner you can get an idea to start a new project. Everything must impact on you.